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Having a Personal Health Record is one of the most important steps you can take for you- and your family. Since 2009 My Pocket File has worked with hospitals, insurers, medical centers and physicians to facilitate the secure, digital transfer of medical information directly to patients.

The My Pocket File PHR is a digital, mobile, secure, organized system for documenting you and your family members’ health-related information. With our innovative technology, the records follow the patient.

My Pocket File's intelligent solution streamlines the process of creating your Personal Health Record. Our firm provides the easiest and most efficient way of managing your personal health information.


We collect your information from multiple parts of the healthcare system- put it in one place and make it easier for you to manage. With My Pocket File, regardless of how my healthcare providers you see- you fill out one five-minute form and we'll deliver your mobile, digital, secure Personal Health Record.
Its that easy.

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Most people do not actually know what is in their health record. By possessing your entire medical profile, you are able to track and learn about your health and communicate with all of your healthcare providers regarding your health history. Your Personal Health Record consolidates your medical records from all of your healthcare providers and puts you in control of your medical information.


Many employees often lack the time, when juggling work and family, to broach the subject of, “What could I do to be healthier?”.
This is why it is necessary for the workplace to offer valuable resources, such as a Personal Health Record (PHR).


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